Field Report 3.25.04
Yavapai County, AZ


Again Scott Potts and myself headed  for lower elevation..

First thing we saw was a DOR Mojave Rattlesnake...


Then we came across 2 Sonoran Whipsnakes

That was it for the lower elevation so we headed
for Prescott, AZ

There we found:
4 Sonoran Gopher snakes
3 Wandering Garter snakes
2 Desert Striped Whipsnakes


Scott found these 2 under the same log


One of the Desert Striped Whipsnakes

And some Wandering Garter snakes



Got a late start (already dark) and found this Southwestern Black-head Snake in southern Yavapai County. Soon after that we started finding neonate Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes and Mojave Rattlesnakes. This time of the year they are quite common.











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