Field Report 3.24.04
Yavapai County, AZ

Scott Potts and myself headed down to lower elevation
to take advantage of the warmer temps.

Besides the live stuff we also saw 2 DOR Desert
Patched-nosed snakes.


First we stopped near a dry wash and flipped...


this adult Western Red-tailed Skink

We did a little walking in the morning looking for
rosy boas with no luck, in fact we didn't find any
snakes there at all. We decided to head even further
south and found this nice female Sonoran Gopher
snake racing across the dirt road...


A really nice looking gopher


About an hour later we were walking and Scott flipped
this young Coachwhip



And about at the same moment we saw this nice 4 foot
Western Diamondback rattlesnake stretched out
crawling away from us. He didn't coil until I got close
enough to take some pics...



Got a late start (already dark) and found this Southwestern Black-head Snake in southern Yavapai County. Soon after that we started finding neonate Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes and Mojave Rattlesnakes. This time of the year they are quite common.










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