Field Report 4.24.12
Central Arizona

Kerby Ross, Kirk Dehamer, Scott Potts, Joe Driscoll

Scott with a patchnose snake


Scott with the deadly

Our fearless leader...

Scott & Kirk

Joe looking at his GPS
that he bought 56 years ago

Getting some grub before
we start hiking

Definitely some elk
in the area

Some more elk sign...

Kirk sniffing out elk


Looking back at Granite Mt.

Looking at Jerome

Coyote sign

Some more elk sign....

What Scott found

What Kirk found

3 miles that way?

Kirk trusting fearless

Joe at the tank

Scott & Kirk......
The Great White Horned
Lizard Hunters

Larry, Moe & Curly

The Great Escape....

Loaded up and
ready for home

Collared lizard

Collared lizard

Scott with a Sonoran
Gopher snake


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