September 17 & 18, 2009
Sky Islands - Southern Arizona

Scott and I went down to Tucson a couple of days before the Tucson Reptile Show to do a little herping.  After checking into the hotel
and getting some grub, we headed for a mountain range before dark.

Scott waiting for a tarantula.........

We then met up with our friend Jerry and he just found this nice California Kingsnake.



Right after Jerry left we found this young Sonoran Gopher snake.


Then a little farther down the road....something unusual......


John finally made it from El Paso, TX and met up with us.  Here is Scott and John looking for some creepy crawlers.


On top of the world...sort of....

A nice Yarrow's Spiny Tail Lizard

Scott looking for some gold.....cause there weren't any reptiles hanging out there.


A nice Eastern Patchnose snake.


I thought I heard a rumble, then low and behold....I looked up and saw this rock.... Naw, it wasn't falling
it probably fell a couple hundred years ago.


A nice Tiger rattlesnake.


And a nice juvenile Northern Green Ratsnake.


And the 2 Western Diamondback rattlesnakes.


Some Tucson Reptile Show pics. My booth.

Scott's booth with John....and that is Bill Love (cornsnake fame) in the orange shirt.


Also found a couple of Western Diamondback rattlesnakes.  The lighter looking one
was a fresh roadkill, in fact it was very much alive when we found it but bleeding from the mouth.
Was dead before we made it back to the hotel.  These 2 Western Diamondbacks were
quite different in color, one dark and one light and were about a mile apart.




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