4.14.09 Yavapai County, AZ

We had rain yesterday and had another front coming in this afternoon....so I thought I would sneak a trip out to southern Yavapai County, AZ.  Although it was really windy, the temps were in the low 80's.  I passed a really good hillside on the way with all good intentions of walking it later in the day...never happened..... guess I will save it for another day.  As I was driving a dirt road with a lot of vehicle traffic a nice Red Coachwhip just started onto the road.  They are pretty fast and cautious snakes so I took a photo from the window of the truck with a zoom feature.


As I got closer to the coachwhip a couple of vehicles came up behind me, so I ushered the snake off the road....once the traffic was gone I went into the bushes to find the snake.  Turned out to be a rather calm "nastycophis".

The money shot !

Went a little farther down the road and flipped a banded gecko but didn't get a picture.  I did manage to get a shot of this little furry friend.

And a little habitat shot where I was at....like I said it rained the day before.


And then when I got to the Prescott area I went and flipped this Wandering garter snake.



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