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I have always been interested in snakes. As a kid, my parents would never allow me to keep a snake in the house. But that didn't stop me from looking for them. Today I keep a few wild snakes, but 99% of the time that I spend in the field, it is for photography purposes only. I have lived all over the world as my dad was in the U.S. Army. I too served 9 years on Active Duty. In fact it was the U.S. Army that brought me to Arizona. My last duty assignment was teaching Army ROTC at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University here in Prescott, AZ (1990-1992). So I have lived in Arizona since 1990 and immediately went into the field looking for snakes. Unfortunately "back then" I rarely carried a camera, hence no pictures. But today, armed with a digital camera, it is much easier to record what I see. I do not have pictures of every species that occur in Arizona, but it is a goal of mine to keep adding to this project.

Kerby Ross near Octave, Arizona

Photo Credit:  Scott Potts


Class of '83

Proudly Served !



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